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Don't overlook the small victories

“You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer” -Eckhart Tolle

I have a lot of self-doubt surrounding the contribution I have to give the world.

Unfulfilled at my 9-5, unorganized at home, sometimes, I feel as if I’m just existing. I’m here. Groggily rolling out of bed to go through the motions of the day, waiting for the moment I can crawl back into the bed. All similar experiences as to when I was drinking- just without the hangover!

I want to thrive and share with others my experiences in hopes of encouraging change. How can I encourage change in others, when I can’t even seem to encourage change in myself?

Today, I’m reminding myself: Don’t overlook the small victories. Small victories will snowball into larger victories. Ya’ll remember the list of eight things I wanted to do more consistently, from last month?

1. Pray

2. Get up at 6:00 am to spend 30 minutes alone listening to an audiobook and stretching

3. 15 minutes of yoga (per day)

4. Dropping off at school at 8:00 am

5. Drinking at least 48oz of water (per day)

6. Reading all my work emails

7. Writing down my gratitude(s) each evening

8. 5 minutes of meditation per day

1, 4, 5, and 6: I have been completing consistently.

2: I’ve done more often than not.

7: I’ve done once or twice,

3, 8: I haven’t done.I have made progress.

In February, I wasn’t making a conscious effort to do any of these things.

There is room for improvement.

What are areas in your life where you have noticed improvement since the start of 2022?

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