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[Running Back] To You

One of the questions posed on the IG LIVE Tuesday (10/4/2022) was along the lines of: How has your faith impacted your journey?


There was at a point when I did not think God (my Higher Power) would do anything to help me out of addiction because I continued to run in the opposite direction of Him. I was filled with shame, doubt, and hopelessness. One of the things I did (and still do) on a regular basis is listen to and sing along with worship music. Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music are my "new school" worship music while Walter Hawkins and the Love Center Choir (Love Alive- I, II, III, VI and V), Kirk Franklin (Whatcha Lookin For), and Commissioned (Go Tell Somebody) were my go to "old school" albums. These two specific songs below kept a small flicker of faith that I was NOT too far gone to be reached and changed. "To You" was released in October of 2020 while "Running Back to You" is from an album released in 1986.

To You (feat. Chandler Moore & Maryanne J. George) | Maverick City Music | TRIBL

Commissioned- Running Back to You

What have been your go-to songs when times get tough? How do you feel when you hear this/these songs after you've made it to the other side?

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