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Overwhelming Gratitude

It’s a Saturday morning.

I am sitting at the island in my kitchen. There are purple carnations in a vase at the center of the island. The sliding door is cracked, so the cats can come and go as they please.

I am looking at a refrigerator that has strategically placed cat butt magnets, an emotions wheel, and succulent magnets sticking on the freezer door. The dishwasher is running (and it’s LOUD). The sink is clean. The cool morning breeze sends the scent of Faboloso throughout the house.

The grass has been watered. The houseplants have been watered. The indoor/outdoor plants have been placed in the sunlight on the deck. The majestic palms I purchased last weekend started to droop. I used a zip tie to gather the trunks (?) for more stability. The majestic palm in the third bedroom has become the new home to the ants that are trying to take over my house. I sprayed dichotomous earth on the plant in hopes it helps. They’ve also infiltrated the seedling tray on the main floor.

My main floor living space is the waiting room for all things to be donated.

My bedroom is in disarray. I’m turning my closet into an office/closet space.

I watch my daughter move throughout the house. What stands out to me about my daughter’s outfit is her wearing her dad’s skully and knee-high Dunder Mifflin socks she got for Christmas. I smile at her, tilting my head to the side. She smiles at me, tilting her head to the side. I laugh and tell her I love her. She smiles wider and gives me two thumbs up, then asks to go to her friend’s house. I’m grateful that her dad is moving closer this summer. He deserves to have these everyday moments with her. She is living her best 8-year-old life.

I’m back focusing on the kitchen.

I could have lost it all. I was blindly chasing something that I already held within myself. I needed to give myself permission to create the life that I wanted to live.

I am happy. At this moment, I have peace.

Do you keep a gratitude journal or make gratitude lists throughout your day? What situations trigger feelings of gratitude in your life?

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