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“Make your creative plate digestible.” - @Jamisaaa (Insta)

Today, I feel burned out.

I spent so much of my free time drinking, I have had a really hard time figuring out what to do with all this newfound free time. So, I end up doing EVERYTHING.

This brings us to the burnout my therapist was worried about. It took 11 months, but I have arrived.

This past fall, I decided I wanted to take classes to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor (ADT). The certificate needed to apply for ADT Trainee is only five courses. I hurriedly registered for three courses, Intro to Counseling Techniques, Ethics, and Counseling Clients with Substance Use Disorders. Additionally, I was taking an Intro to Sign Language class with my daughter and A-Z of Grant Writing before I decided I wanted to study for the ADT. I completed all these courses while working full time. *whooo chile*

Went to Disney for Christmas.

Came back and started a four-week winter session course Intro to Psychopharmacology.


For the past three weeks, work has been absolutely crazy.

I just got a call asking if I can take on another task at work, which I politely declined.

Overall, I need to work on setting better boundaries and setting more realistic expectations/goals for myself.

I think a good start is consistently completing these eight things.

1. Pray

2. Get up at 6:00 am to spend 30 minutes alone listening to an audiobook and stretching

3. 15 minutes of yoga (per day)

4. Dropping off at school at 8:00 am

5. Drinking at least 48oz of water (per day)

6. Reading all my work emails

7. Writing down my gratitude(s) each evening

8. 5 minutes of meditation per day

The classes-will be there.

The advanced degrees-will be there.

I am passionate about psychology, counseling, mental health, and well being. And it’s okay that my first career didn’t lead me to a position in any of those fields. My newfound knowledge about recovery gives me an additional area to grow.

I’ll continue to focus on myself and solidify my routines to be an example to others working to achieve their best versions of themselves.

I was really about to be that frazzled therapist, ya’ll. While there is nothing wrong with that, that was definitely the wrong approach for me.

Do you tend to overload your creative plate? How do you tend to notice burnout in your life? How do you prioritize your creative endeavors?

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