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“It’s not wise to compare or minimize our pain..."

“It’s not wise to compare or minimize our pain because it doesn’t feel significant compared to that of others.” – Sarah Jakes Roberts “Woman Evolve” pg. 20-21

One of the many books I’m reading is “Woman Evolve” by Sarah Jakes Roberts.The quote above isEXACTLY how I felt about my drinking career. Look- an excerpt from the post from March 1st:

“Nah, I’m good. It’s not that bad. There are other people out there worse than me, who deserve that spot I’d take.”

It was that bad, but I minimized it because I knew there were people out there who had it worse than me. While this may be true, my self-worth should be based on the opinion I have about my self and the value I place on myself.

Everyone’s experiences are different. Everyone’s journey leads them to a different destination.. In the moment when you are offered an opportunity to better your situation, TAKE IT! Those who have it worse will be offered an opportunity to better their situation when the time is right.

I went through another two years of heavy drinking because of my lack of self-worth.

You have the power to change your life, in any area, starting today!

Has there ever been a time where you thought you weren't worthy of an opportunity offered to you? Did you pass up the opportunity? Did the opportunity come back around to you in the future?

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