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Falling into Fall

The temperatures in the morning are unpredictable, the trees are confused about whether their leaves should stay or go. Most of the trees on the main road in my neighborhood have chosen to say goodbye to their cover. The days are getting shorter and we are entering giving season!

This year, Syzygy Mind will be creating hygiene kits to be given to a local (Baltimore, Maryland) organization that provides and/or supports addiction recovery services!

Today 10/17 through 11/30, we will be collecting the following items: washcloths, unscented body soaps, travel-sized shampoo, travel-sized conditioner, travel-sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, hand warmers, gallon-sized and sandwich-sized ziplock bags,

Help support our goal of creating 50 hygiene kits, by using the following link:

The items listed are suggested (smaller quantities of similar items are welcomed). If you would like to make a monetary donation towards this event, please select the Amazon Gift Card option, also found on the registry.

Although this is a virtual event, RSVP here for updates and reminders.

Also, if you have any of these items (UNUSED) laying around your house, you are located in the DMV area, and you'd like to donate those items, fill out this form (here) and let's schedule a pickup time!

At this time, we are still working on finalizing our 501(c)3 status, so donations for 2022 are not tax deductible, however, thanks for your support and your heart for making a change in our community.

What other types of community outreach would you like to participate in?

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