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Mission: to support, highlight, and enhance access to resources, to build community, and to increase the quality of life at the intersections of addiction, mental health, and recovery for women within the African American community and other communities of color


You’re a single-ish black mother in her early 30s.


You’re climbing the corporate ladder, living a comfortable middle-class life, winding down with a glass or two (or bottle) of wine. Outside looking in-everything seems perfect. Not a soul has any idea how sad you are; how lonely you feel after you tuck the baby in at night, and how tightly you hold to your alcohol.


Whether you’re sober, sober curious, reevaluating your current relationship with alcohol, or you’re here to be inspired by a personal recovery story, there are words of encouragement throughout my journey that I hope resonate with you. I’ll share the ups and downs of my story and the beautifully normal life sobriety has gifted me through Syzygy. You are not alone! My goal is to be as authentic as possible, that you would find strength and be inspired by my story.


but the mission is simple.

The journey is complex, 

Syzygy aims to decrease society imposed and self-imposed stigmas associated with some of life’s most common struggles, including addiction and mental health by sharing personal stories, creating community and providing resources to address overcoming addiction and increasing well-being and mental health.  The narrative has always been that black women are strong- NO MATTER what. Truth is, we need the space to let down our guard, thrive in our truth and live a softer life. The space Syzygy provides is for you!


(/ˈsizijē/) a pair of connected or corresponding things.


There is something about sharing our thoughts with others that brings healing or at least a better understanding of where we stand on a situation. In the Blog I share weekly about my journey- before sobriety and in recovery, as a mom, friend, and daughter. Remember, this safe space is also for you. Join the conversation by commenting, liking and sharing!



Social media isn't therapy

When we decide we want to make a change in life, its easy to become overwhelmed by the information we uncover.  As much as I want to build communty, nothing can replace help by a liscensed substance abuse or mental health professional. Social media is neither of these things. Click below to find trusted resouces for substance abuse and mental health.   

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